Used Tanker Trailers

Aluminum Tankers Trailers, Stainless Tanker, ADR Tanker Trailers, Jet A 1 Tanker Trailers

Used Tanker Trailers

STU is supplier of Used Tanker Trailes from 20.000 to 60.000 Liters in Turkey models; LPG Tanker Trailers, BITUMEN Tanker Trailers, Fuel ( Petrol) Trailers. Our Used Tanker Trailers made by mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum materials. We supply Used Tanker Trailers with monoblock or full chassis, top loading-bottom unloading Tanker Trailers, bottom loading-bottom unloading Tanker Trailers ( with ADR certificated), Pneumatic Suspension, Mechanical Suspension, Leaf Spring Suspension, Bogie or Hydraulic Suspension, axles with Europen and Turkish brand.


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